Last night was one of those gray nights. The clouds hung low and flirted with raining. We did a short walk with the dog for the first time in a while because of my knee. That is another thing, I’m not the greatest dog owner. Even when my knee was healthy I didn’t walk her as much as I should’ve. There’s people in our complex that walk their dogs three times a day.

We went to the grocery store to get chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, milk, cereal, and wine. We stopped for gas on the way and at the pump next to us was a man in a Geo Trakker with big fake pompadour hair, a puka shell necklace, a plastic watch, and thong sandals. We made brief eye contact. I wondered what he thought about what I looked like. If I was some youngin’ who didn’t understand the glory days of the 1980s.

I was going to get a bottle of wine but something in me said no let’s go with margaritas, one of those big Jose Cuervos.

Two young employees were collecting the carts scattered throughout the parking lot. They talked very enthusiastically to one another but I couldn’t tell what about. They did an awkward high five but neither of them seemed to mind. The girl had two toned dyed hair, a diluted pink and blonde, and it was swept to one side, over her thin face. The boy had a lot of acne and his thick glasses were fogged up. They seemed to be having a really good time.

At home I made some tea and began to work on a short story. My desk is in the center of our living room, perpendicular to the couch where my wife was watching her new show, Hart of Dixie. She sat there cutely eating popcorn and pregnant as all get out. After tea I poured some Cuervos over ice and drank that too. It was the perfect night for that flavor. The dog started barking so I put her in the other room.

We played this game in bed that really got us laughing. My wife was holding out her palm and I randomly started tapping it with my finger to see if she could grab my finger before I pulled it away. Then she did the same to me. We did that for five or ten minutes and were laughing so hard at how weird we were being that when we laid down I had mascara marks on the back of my neck.

We shut out the light and our dog crawled under our bed and yipped in her sleep.


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