Mist squirted into the organic vegetables section and got my wrists wet while I picked out romaine lettuce. Thick red rubber bands bound the rich leaves into a bundles. I tore a bag from the dispenser and tried loading in the one I thought was the best but the bag was too small, so I tore another bag, a different bag, an opaque green bag, and loaded it in that one.

We had to get pork shoulder (which I guess is a pig’s shoulder?) in order to make pulled pork for Memorial Day. The pork shoulders were nine pounds which was too much. We did not need that much pork for me, my wife, my brother and his wife, so we stood there with our hands on our chins and thought about our options.

“You know you can get the deli to cut that in half for you,” a lady said. “I’ve done it before. That’s a lot of pork.”

“Really?” we said.

“Yeah. I need some anyway. Want to split one with me?”

“Oh. Sure!” we said. And the lady took the nine pound shoulder to the deli and had the man split it in half and wrap the halves up. “Thanks for splitting the shoulder with us.”

“Oh no problem. Nobody needs that much pork.”

We continued filling up our cart with cheeses wrapped in plastic, vegetables in plastic boxes, cereals in cardboard, and teabags in boxes. The grocery store is not very busy on a Monday night. It’s a great time to go shopping.


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