This is our last day. We tried a type of tube today that you sit on like a chair instead of laying down. Our legs bounced out in front of us as we went over the wakes of other boats and just generally choppy water.

It was much colder today. The sun was hidden behind thick clouds but the water was warm. Those of us out on the tube shivered as water splashed up onto us and then the wind dried us.

Then we realized that the tube’s armrests had ripped so we went back to the rental place and switched it out for another tube, the laying down one, the one we’d had earlier in the week. The girl working the rental place and her younger brother said it was all they had left. The younger brother’s arm was in a sling. He said it was because of a wakeboarding accident.

This tube wasn’t as fun as the other one but it was our only option.

My younger brother and I rode like we did earlier in the week but we’d worn it out; we had already had that experience and so it wasn’t as exciting as the first time. Then my other brother and his wife got on instead. I did everything I could to knock them off. I turned as hard as I could but the waves were not as choppy. There weren’t as many boats around and therefore not as many wakes to send them over.

For some reason I was very frustrated I couldn’t knock them off. I cranked the steering wheel. They both taunted me from the tube and I wanted to knock them off even more but I still couldn’t. Boats were docking for the day as the sun receded behind thicker layers of clouds. I gave the steering wheel up to my dad and sat at the front of the boat with my wife the rest of the day.

We came back to the house. My mom is cooking spaghetti. Everyone is taking showers and getting dressed. We’re going to take a family picture.


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