Certain days just feel different. And there isn’t always a particular reason. Nothing necessarily has to happen. Some days just carry that weight along with them. A pang in the stomach. Or a rich anxiety. It isn’t always clear what exactly you’re supposed to do with yourself, what the best thing is to do.

Yesterday was like that. Nothing was wrong. The previous night with my wife was fantastic. We relaxed and had great conversations about things that matter. I listened to the Joe Rogan Experience with Russell Brand. I had a good session of writing my short story.

But the next morning I slept in past my alarm and I was late to work. A bad start. The day eked by slowly. Each step of forward progression seemed to take assiduous attention and focus as my brain wandered around in my head, unable to rest on any thought without unnerve.

There could be an easy explanation. Maybe it’s because I have not been eating as many healthy greens. Or I need to drink another cup of coffee midway through the day. Or because I haven’t been running regularly my endorphins have ebbed.

But each day, with or without explanation sort of flits by on its own energy which is so weird. Even two days, right next to each other, without anything really significant happening, could be the two most different days in the world.


2 thoughts on “June 24, 2016

  1. It’s good to write Daniel it clears the mind and gives all the answers your looking for. I started writing poetry in 2003 to 2012 so you can imagine how many poems I’ve got! When I look back on them (some of which I am putting on this site) make me realise how much I was searching for something they are like a diary of how I was feeling at that moment. I think your writing is very good, like a previous blogger said your honesty shines through.

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