When I write these I try to keep them personal, down to earth, and a little bit understated; to reflect real life and its component parts, ones that tend to get overlooked in favor of sensationalism on other media.

But yesterday was one of those days of getting caught up in the windstorm of public hysteria and the inner news junkie in me came out.

I’m not a regular news watcher. Like most of my generation I take it as a foregone conclusion that most big news outlets have some type of skin in the game of politics, and so I take their statements of ‘fact’ with a grain of salt, knowing that they all pander to their own audiences by rigging the game in favor of their own players, to influence culture in the way they see fit, by trying to convince you that their way of seeing the world is the only way.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to easily sit through sermons or soliloquies by some high paid hack who hobnobs at cocktail parties, telling me how I should think.

So it’s taken me a while to find sources that I trust. Because in order for me to be informed by a person, I have to trust them. Truth is what and how things really are, which is often complex, and therefore difficult to find in today’s world of bite-sized slogans and mob chants.

I wouldn’t normally directly endorse any one particular outlet, but one that I’ve found that I trust is Dan Carlin’s Common Sense. It’s not news so much as commentary on current events, done with ideas rather than political axes. You may know his more widely acclaimed program Hardcore History which explores major historical events from Ancient Mesopotamia all the way to the present day. He brings this knowledge to bear as well on Common Sense, using the lessons of the past in a way that few talking heads do.

Again, I’m sorry to make today’s entry an exposition. I’d much rather write a scene from my life like normal. But yesterday was one of those abstract days and when I sat down to write this morning, instead of a scene coming to my mind, it was this point: that in this crazy world of political hysteria and technological dependence and easy ideas and cheap slogans, when we stumble on even a little glimmer of truth, a tiny nugget, we should share it.


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