I took a nap in the evening so I didn’t sleep much last night. I stayed up until 1:30AM and finished White Noise by Don Delillo. A strange book but a good kind of strange, a mystifying and fun sort of strange. The weirdness of modern life, the out of body feeling one gets when walking through the super market, etc. His characters are not believable but that’s sort of the point because in a way we’re not believable. His sentences are abruptly constructed from one thought to the next but they somehow flow. I was slow getting out of bed this morning.

One of the small joys of my life is when I wake up next to my wife and her hair is splayed all over her pillow. She has long hair so sometimes it is even on my pillow. It looks like hair under water; weightless, formless, and whipping like a comet’s tail even though it doesn’t move. Who knows where each hair will be morning after morning, inanimately obeying the laws of static electricity and following her head where her dreams turn her over?

I have no idea how people with long hair can manage it while sleeping. Seems like it would be hot.

I did eventually get up and take a shower. My wife was already up and getting ready. Before she left she came into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. We kissed and said love you. She left. The front door clicked shut and shook the dog bells we have on the doorknob Sylvia rings when she has to go out.

At this moment things slowed down and I thought about the other side of the world. Where people were just going to bed, getting ready for their hair to be splayed all over their pillows at the end of their day. People in Sydney, Australia or Tokyo. Living in a corollary and symbiotic relationship to time and the curvature of the earth. I wonder if we all have an earth twin. Somebody who clocks in on the other side of the world while we clock out and vice versa.

Adieu, earth twin. And hello.

Yet another day.


© Daniel Douglas


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