I have not been sleeping well so last night I took some ZzzQuil®. I don’t even remember falling asleep. Apparently I didn’t even get under the comforter; I woke up on top of the sheets. I was groggy and hit the snooze button.

This morning we were going to my wife’s OB appointment before work. I put the coffee on and took the dog out. I only got up 25 minutes before I normally do but the light was different outside, warm and orange. The dog sniffed at the tailpipe of a pickup truck in the parking lot. I was trying to get a feel for what the day would be like by paying attention to the air which was slightly cold. My favorite time of year is when I have to start putting on a sweatshirt when I take the dog out.

We got into our separate cars and drove to the doctor’s. The sun was coming up over a hill. We pulled up to the shiny new medical facility, glassy and metallic. We sat in the waiting room. Waiting rooms always remind me of freedom because when you’re a kid being in a waiting room meant not being in school, getting to give a handwritten note to the teacher saying you would be out, etc. Knowing that all your friends were sitting impatiently in class staring at the wall while you got to sit with your mom and read magazines.

We went into the examination room. The doctor came in and was brisk, informative, upbeat, etc. She made jokes with my wife while she checked her cervix. She said my wife still has some time left. She said she would be surprised if she delivered before Thursday next week.


© Daniel Douglas


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