Went to wife’s parent’s house on Sunday. The weather was perfect and football was on all day. Wife’s grandparents were there. Uncle Earl was there. Everyone wanted to see the baby. Once you have a baby you realize a lot of people say the same things to you about having a baby. “You get like no sleep now, huh?” “He looks just like you,” “You should do X. It always worked for us,” etc. People care and that’s nice; but people are wholly unoriginal.

It was nice to be around the family and give people turns holding the baby. Wife enjoyed the break, too. We laid around and watched TV. I was going to play the brother-in-law again in basketball but he was hanging out with his friend. He is becoming his own person.

We were watching the Bengals play and a neighbor texted wife’s mom and asked if she could bring over some leftover cake from a family reunion.

“Does anyone want some cake?” Mom asked.

“What kind is it?” I said.

“I’ll ask…”


“It’s vanilla with white icing.”

“Yeah, I’ll have some.”


© Daniel Douglas


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