No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay away from the big questions. Some call them philosophical questions. I see what they mean by that, but I think calling them philosophical makes them seem like they come from a book when they’re things we all face in real life. For instance:

What is the good life?

Is there a God? If so, what is this God like?

What does it mean to be human?

Nature v. Nurture

What is truth?

Objective realities v. interpretations

I think about these things 24/7, compulsively, even though I know that there is ultimately only futility in it i.e., we probably can’t have the concrete sorts of answers we want for these problems, not with empirical certainty. So why ask? Why not just live life with my head in the sand, plowing on, accomplishing what I can accomplish without letting these things bother me? Watch the news. Go to work. Watch sports, etc.

Good question.

But think about that question.

Most people think about these things but they don’t talk about them. If you dig deep enough with people you realize this. But we are not encouraged to talk about what matters because it dissuades us from buying products/focusing on ‘results’. Our culture wants us to buy and make products, to be incomplete, to lack self-reflection, to obey our appetites, to keep the economy going, etc. Anything outside this paradigm is labeled ‘pointless,’ because there is no tangible/economic payoff. But are empirical answers/results the only value of things? Is there something more? If so, what?


© Daniel Douglas


One thought on “October 18, 2016

  1. I agree. My boss (also my friend of ten years) told me she doesn’t talk about politics or religion. So I respect that… But I’ve told her before that I think THAT is the one thing we SHOULD all talk about! 😉


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