I have been a man of routines this last year. At this time in 2015 I was training for a marathon, on a consistent running schedule. I was settling into a new job which would define much of my 8-5p life which has turned out also to be one of routine. In my spare moments I’m trying to become a better writer, reading, as much as I can, authors I like and want to emulate in some way. I have writing and running Spotify playlists that I still listen to with many of the same songs.

I was thinking about this last night as I was playing Titanfall 2, my new video game. For the last three years Titanfall has been my favorite video game. I play it when I need to unplug from everything. I think I played 5 days in total time (120 hours).

And here I was with a ‘new’ game, albeit the sequel to my mainstay.

I stayed up until 1am playing which I had no intention of doing. Just one more game, I thought, and kept going. There was enough familiarity to be comfortable but enough newness to be exciting.

It’s a first-person shooter. For those unfamiliar with video games, this means that what you see on-screen is the eye-view of the character you’re playing, hence the ‘first-person’ in the title of the genre. It is meant to be experienced as if it is you. Running around, as if in a war.


© Daniel Douglas


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