First day back to work since last Tuesday. I stepped outside and was surprised to find it sunny and pretty warm this morning.

How to sum up Thanksgiving? We sat around the house. Played with the baby. Took naps. Watched Cheers. Watched some of the new Gilmore Girls Netflix Special. Drank some red wine. Went to Target to buy Christmas presents. I didn’t work out as much as I told myself I would. Nor did I read or write as much as I would have liked.

Why is it always like that? The reality rarely meeting the ascendency of the vision.

On the positive side it was great to spend time with wife and baby. They are the crown jewels of my life. Beckett is already growing up so fast. He can move his little head and when he smiles it’s the greatest.

Only a few more weeks of work before I get to take another break. I’ll workout, read, and write every day. Scout’s honor. You guys, keep me accountable.


© Daniel Douglas


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