Today was a great chill day. Wife and I sat on the couch, read, watched a Civil War documentary, went for a walk, I went for a run, and then we went to the grocery store.

The run today was excellent. It was 45 degrees. Perfect running weather. The sun was shining. The texture of the clouds was colorful and complex. I had good music going.

Being off work is nice.

I’m lucky/blessed.

It’s funny. In our times it’s normal/customary/accepted to not take personal credit for one’s place in life since so much is out of any one individual’s control. Plus it’s in bad taste. So there is this obligatory thank my lucky stars attitude everyone has who is well-to-do/blessed.

But deep down we all want to take some credit! I worked really hard, etc. And it comes out. There’s the humblebrag, for instance.


© Daniel Douglas


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