Today is my first day back to work since December 20. It’s foggy and a balmy 54 degrees.

Last night, on my way to a late grocery store trip, I started listening to a new podcast: Grow Big Always. Interesting title. I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but the content was great. I listened to an episode with Dan Ariely about how our environment effects our decision-making.

We are born into the world and there’s the way things are which we take for granted as a set of fundamental conditions of nature but almost all of the world as we experience it is actually unnatural and instead built upon a trillion large and small decisions that have been made before we were born. We literally live in a reality crafted by those who have gone before us, both living and dead.

We still have free will though, right? It’s true we do have free will but if you take some time to think about it, often our ‘choices’ are between options that are preset. We do not normally choose or have power over the entirety of the conditions in which our decision-making takes place, and so originality or a truly individual act is probably much rarer than we think.


© Daniel Douglas


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