Last night Wife and I ordered Chinese food and drank glasses of sangria with ice. It was wonderful. We were tired from a busy Monday and Tuesday and needed the rest.

Beckett is starting to baby talk. And blow bubbles. We played with him until he got sleepy, put him to bed, and then watched Cheers together.

It’s good to be able to relax, I was thinking.

Somewhere in between episodes I took our dog Sylvia out. It was lightly raining. There was a bright sheen on the parking lot pavement. Sylvia shook the water droplets off her coat. We stood in the grass by the side of the building and breathed the air for a little bit. It was cool but getting warmer. A thin wisp of vapor trailed off the tips of the blades of grass, and an ambulance drove by, distracting Sylvia and I so that we forgot for a second what we were doing outside together.

I breathed in deep again and she sniffed at the grass, wiggling her nose and her tail, prodding me to let her follow a scent she’d picked up. We walked a little further, under a row of trees lining the grass, settling on a spot.


© Daniel Douglas


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